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if you can watch this entire video straight through you have the most iron fucking will on the actual planet, in the actual universe. you have gigantic balls of steel. i would not fuck with you. you could come in my house and slap my mom and take my cats and i would just let you. if you can watch all of this you scare the shit out of me


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The Winter Soldier + Lines

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1/100 Favourite Films → The History Boys (2006)

'Was Poland taken by surprise?'

'To some extent… But they knew something was up.'

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paper moon (1973) dir. peter bogdonovich 

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Fangirl Challenge: [6/20] Families » Emily Fitch and Katie Fitch
"You have to understand, Katie. I love you and I’ll never really leave you.”

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There’s always hope. But not for me.

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Some things friends/family in Hong Kong have shared with me today.

The people of Hong Kong are fighting for their right to democracy, free speech, and un-censored information. Protests have shut down major parts of the city. Police are attacking protesters with pepper spray and tear gas. Tanks are rolling through the streets.

In the West, Hong Kong is often lumped together with China. Many aren’t aware of the city’s incredibly complex, diverse culture, independent of China. Don’t overlook this. Don’t sit back as China breaks the promises it made to Hong Kong, endangering the lives and freedom of over seven million people.

Spread this like fire. We may be far away, but we can raise awareness.

SO IMPORTANT. Thank you for this, Ali.

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Sebastian Stan vs People Calling Bucky Barnes a Villain/Bad Guy

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they out here fuckin with the 5th ninja turtle 

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cinnamon french toast sticks

#food #q

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Best of Season 4 Sciles 

Dude, what is going on with you?
I don’t know. I’m having a really off day.
Off day? You were dying out there! I feel actual physical pain watching you.

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news flash: people don’t enjoy being catfished, shocker!!

1) people have preferences
2) people hate being lied to, ya fuckin idiots

i’m really pressed i’m seeing friends of mine reblogging this

first of all, that whole thing is a trainwreck anyway because it’s so frustrating when a thin woman dons a fat suit to spend a day ~looking like us~ because at the end of the day she gets to take it off and go back to her life of privilege and we don’t get to do that, so it’s really tasteless to see that

secondly… okay… ignoring how much i hate the word “preference” to describe the way men in society will naturally gravitate towards thin bodies (because this is based on learned behavior, the same way that, for instance, porn will affect the way men see women’s bodies because they are expecting women to look like women in porn)… secondly, the issue i have with the way the men in that video responded to the woman is that they were fucking rude about it?

it’s not just “being lied to.” i’m sorry but it’s fucking not. if the woman was blonde in all her photos but in real life she had brown hair in a pixie cut (for example), do you think the men would’ve reacted with disgust? anger? do you think they would’ve just up and left? nope. because it’s not the “being catfished” thing that they’re upset about. they’re upset that this thin, beautiful woman turned out to be fat. that’s it. that’s the only reason.

she could’ve lied about her height. about her hair color. about almost ANYTHING else on her body. and the men would still have treated her with respect. even if they weren’t attracted to her anymore for whatever reason, they would’ve probably finished the date and then just not called back. whatever.

the issue IS that the men in this video are disgusted with a fat body. please understand this. and please, if you are my friend, be a little more conscious of what you reblog, especially when you know this is something that is really personal to me.

stop trying to justify forcing people to be attracted to you

if they don’t want to date you, don’t pretend to be someone else and be surprised when they don’t want you.

as for hair, people change that literally ALL THE TIME. A lot of people have different hairstyles on weekly basis. hair is how an individual chooses to represent themselves aesthetically. same goes for make up and clothing. 

also, literally NO ONE thinks porn is realistic. the whole idea of it is give a visual fantasy to the viewer, something they can’t get in real life (hence why they are looking at it in the first place). Nobody expects men or women to look like porn stars, the idea is ridiculous.

is it so unrealistic to expect that a potential partner cares even remotely about their health? so unrealistic that they aren’t obese, a disease caused by choice?

height can’t be controlled, neither can the rest of your skeletal structure. weight, for the most part, can.

you do not have the “right” to be attractive. nobody does.

i think you completely missed the point i was making, and also you’re a fatphobic piece of shit

"literally NO ONE thinks porn is realistic" "Nobody expects men or women to look like porn stars, the idea is ridiculous.”

wrong! young men who grow up in a society where porn is normalized absolutely think that porn is realistic. in fact, there are many studies done that indicate that porn DOES affect the way men view women and sex. and not only does porn affect the type of women men seek out, it affects how men treat women too and has a lot to do with how men view consent.

just off the top of my head

i could go on and on and fucking on, but i think you get the point

young women and men alike do NOT always know that porn is unrealistic. even if they do “know” this, they are likely to still have their world view skewed by porn. men will expect things from women because that’s what women in porn do. men expect women to be shaven, to have huge breasts and huge asses but small waists and toned bodies and not a roll or a stretch mark in sight, based on unrealistic images in porn. 

women are diverse. the most popular porn stars are not. men will gravitate to the kind of bodies they find in porn but these aren’t realistic. it’s not about forcing people to be attracted to me or other fat women; it’s about how porn and our society create expectations for women that are nearly impossible to meet. the average woman will not look like a porn star but men reject these women in favor of what they see in porn. that was my original point — that porn WILL affect the way men see women and the standards men have for women.

"is it so unrealistic to expect that a potential partner cares even remotely about their health? so unrealistic that they aren’t obese, a disease caused by choice?"

first of all, the idea that a fat person cannot be healthy is absolutely ridiculous and has been disputed by several studies. obesity can be linked to high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure, but correlation does not equal causation, and that has been studied and explained numerous times. can an obese person be unhealthy? absolutely. but so can a thin person, an average-sized person, anyone in the whole world. when the first thing you think of when seeing a fat person is “they are unhealthy,” you are participating in a myth. and since i’ve been loving throwing out statistics that, you know, 100% support my point, here’s some of those.

so guess what? you’re wrong. you just are. read it and fucking weep. obesity can lead to health complications but so can a myriad of things. smoking is unhealthy. in fact, smoking is certifiably MORE unhealthy than happening to be overweight (everyone who regularly smokes is at risk, but not everyone who is obese is at risk), and yet it’s not vilified the way obesity is. why is that? well, i can give you an answer, but i’m sure you’re already well aware, huh?

so let’s round up the facts: being obese =/= being unhealthy. your metabolic health isn’t automatically “bad” just because you happen to be overweight. as for me, i am certifiably fat. i am visually fat. i am obese. but my blood pressure is absolutely great. i have no past issues with cholesterol levels. i am not diabetic. i am not unhealthy. i just happen to be fat. 

but let’s not also forget that in the end, a person’s health doesn’t have to be any of your business. so there are fat people who are healthy but there are also fat people who aren’t. and yet, and yet, how is that your business? do you ask every thin person you go on a date with “hi, you look great tonight, could you maybe hand me a report of your most recent physical with a verified physician so i can make sure your cholesterol levels and blood pressure are in a healthy range? i just want to date a healthy person!”


you don’t.

because (here’s a secret!) it’s not their health that bothers you. it’s their fat. it’s their appearance. it’s what you think is disgusting about their bodies. yep. that’s really the reason. soak in it. 

"you do not have the “right” to be attractive. nobody does."

this sentence makes absolutely no sense, but okay, i’ll bite.

i have the right to view myself as attractive. i have the right to look at myself in the mirror and think “today, i look beautiful.” i have the right to say that i am objectively beautiful and i have the right to say that people will find me beautiful because that is what i am. i have the right to say that i am attractive. i have that right. so does literally every fucking person in the whole world. everyone has the “right” to be attractive. everyone. every single person. thin, fat, short, tall, man, woman, nonbinary and trans and anything in between, any race, any skin color, whether neuroatypical or not, whether disabled or abled. every single person has the right to say “i am beautiful and i should be treated with respect.” 

so, okay. you don’t have to find me attractive. whatever. your loss, and your right, you know? but you do not have the right to treat me with disrespect based on what i look like. you don’t have that right. you don’t. 

my issue with this video is the lack of respect. my issue with this video is that the men in this video REFUSE to treat the “fat” woman with respect because she is fat. that is my issue with this. they don’t have to find her attractive (but it’s no secret that society and the porn industry will affect the way men view women. it’s not a fucking secret. everyone knows it. well, apparently, you didn’t, but now you do! all those statistics! it’s so great finding out that you were just pathetically wrong about something, huh? glad to be of service.) but they SHOULD be respectful. they SHOULD be decent to her. they SHOULD treat her like a fucking human being. 

and if this isn’t enough for you, how about you check out the second video they did, where instead of putting the fatsuit on a woman, they put it on a man.

you’ll find in this video, the women are friendly to the man. they talk about things other than his weight. they continue going through with the date and are respectful and polite. so maybe they aren’t attracted to him anymore, or maybe they are, but at the end of the day they treat the man like a human being. why? because men are not objectified like women are. women do not view men as sex objects. women do not view men the way men view women. end of fucking story. done deal.

have a nice day, you fatphobic asshole!